Warning: this is a workaround in the meantime, since the newsletter feature is a BETA. It's normal to have this type of situations while testing the feature. The idea is to help you solve this while the Ghost team fixes it in the platform.

Prepared my awesome post. Added a couple funny videos, BAM. Fantastic! I like how it looks, then final check. Send newsletter: publish. Bang.

That was a happy process. Now look what happens:

What’s going on here?

Apparently, when you embed some types of content using the cards in Ghost, when you generate the newsletter it does not center automatically, even wrecking the whole format of the post (noooooo ☹). After testing, testing and testing, I found a nice and easy solution: just embed the HTML code using a HTML card.

HTML: stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the standard markup language for Web pages. This block was made using HTML!

Follow this steps in order to be able to do it:

  1. Click the embed button.
  2. Click copy to get the code.
  3. Paste it in a HTML card in your post.

Now, when you send you mail, this is what you’ll see 😊:

Video centered to the content.

And this is how it looks after sent:


Ultimately, this was raised in the forum and John (founder) said the team will work to solve this in the future.

Problem: the Gmail client online (nor the mobile app) doesn’t show the videos (I’m not sure the reason). If you use Gmail but with another app more developed (like Spark), it does show up. This is another limitation in terms of how mail clients handle rich content.

I hope this could be helpful to you! Let me know your experience so far in the comments.